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Ohana means family…

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If you could write a funny episode? What would it be about? [x]

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9 pictures of the House Cast (asked by forget-your-troubles-get-happy)

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Sometimes he’s a 2 year old and it’s cute! x

i’m reblogging again just ‘cause of the third gif

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Has Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) found his brother Demon Dean (Jensen Ackles) yet? It’s his brown truck with the Minnesota plates which has been parked outside the pubs and strip clubs where Demon Dean has been carousing with King of Hell Crowley in the first two episodes of season ten.  And is that a black eye Sam is sporting? Maybe Angelz Strip Club (played by Surrey’s Flamingo Motor Hotel strip bar) is the latest stop on Demon Dean’s karaoke and rage tour. Two weeks ago, Demon Dean reportedly killed someone on Tuesday, beat up someone else on Wednesday and beat up someone and killed another guy on Thursday.

This afternoon at the Flamingo Motor Hotel, Supernatural shot a scene of Sam (Padalecki) with a black eye coming out of the bar and getting into his truck. There will be more scenes outside and inside this bar for the rest of the week.

Supernatural’s Angel Z strip club posters featuring Sugar Wrap. Fantasia Fire, Baby St. George and Dallas Farkas.

Sam and Dean will meet in the third episode, directed by Jensen Ackles, but not in a meet-cute kind of way. Demon Dean attacks his brother with an axe and Sam holds a knife to Demon Dean’s throat, it was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con.


This club is called Angelz??? Amazing. 

Angelz? Angelz.

The strip club demon!Dean goes to in 10x02 is called Angelz.


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part of a mafia au commission for coco!


part of a mafia au commission for coco!

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Supernatural season 9 gag reel

YES! Finally better version of the gag reel has surfaced!

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